What is a Pellet Smoker Grill

A Pellet smoker is mainly an artifact used for multiple cooking processes. The new ones are hybrids from classical pellet grills smokers and the gas grill machines. They come equipped with both systems, which enable the cooker a wider spectrum of action. That way you can cook in a more direct way, rather than the classical indirect and slow cooking process.

In order to understand better what a pellet grill smoker is, you should know how it works. Basically, it has a pellet deposit were you can place the amount that you need in order to complete your cook. Then it has a feeder, which enables the pass of the pellet from the deposit to the firebox.

Inside this box, there is an igniting rod that ignites the pellets as they fall from the feeder. After they start to burn, the heat and smoke are evenly distributed by a cooling fan. The entire process is controlled by a thermostat which can be easily managed by the cooker.

pellet smoker grill

Is pellet grill smoker the best choice?

Comparing this grill with the other options in the market such as brazier, square charcoal, hibachi, kettle, cart, barrel, ceramic cooker, you can see that this is the more versatile alternative. It is true that each and one the grills have a specific purpose they can also be used for different types of cooking. Nevertheless, there will be able to grill, to smoke, to bake and even more. That would place it as the most versatile type of grill in the market, as it facilitates the work while maintaining the quality of the meat and its flavor.

Additionally, it is a friendly artifact, as it is equipped with a simple mechanism and an electronic controller. You can even set up the “set and forget” control, where you cook without strict supervision. Furthermore, the pellet is very fuel efficient as you can cook with far less than other grills. Also, the grill gives a very special taste to your meals. Whether you are cooking pork ribs, baking a pizza, or smoking a piece of meat, you will get a restaurant-type of flavor, as it would maintain an even temperature throughout the entire cook.

Detractors of this choice could argue that the grill is not practical as it requires electricity to function. Even though there are some grills that function with portable batteries, it is not the most reliable one. This is a setback as most of the grillers are made to be portable and to be used when going to camp.

Plus it is not recommended to use in wet conditions, do it may splash the electronic parts. Moreover, it may spoil the pellets and negatively interfere with the cooking process, as they would not burn properly. Therefore it would take longer to finish your cooking or even directly interfering with the flavor of your dish.

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Make up your mind

If you have not decided yet how to pick a good pellet grill smoker you should take into consideration some of these factors:

Price: as the competence in the market has grown, you will be able to find the best option that fits your pocket.
Temperature range: it is a relevant factor, as you will want to have a very useful tool at home. One that you could use for multiple types of cooking and different meals.
Size and portability: they come in multiple sizes, from the portable types to the extra-large units for commercial purposes.
Features and capabilities: nowadays, these types of grill even have the option to be controlled with your phone via Wi-Fi. Also, they can come with programmable options to have a better-finished product.
Eventually, you will have to evaluate what are your necessities and that way your final choice will be more useful to your demands.

What should I use? Wood pellets or wood chips?

It will mainly depend on your personal preferences, however many of the most experienced barbecue chefs will prefer the wood pellets. Wood pellets are way better than wood chips. First, because they are easier to set up into the grill and they will burn longer.

Second, the sawdust of the wood pellets gets a larger surface area to burn, sending a greater flavor to the food. Wood pellets are also healthy, unlike people would think they have evolved from the first pellets invented in the 80s. The 2019 pellets are only prepared from the best sawdust and without harmful chemical substances.

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Grill your memories

I believe a Pellet Grill Smoker is more than just a cooking artifact. As it is a great tool to bring family even closer. It is easy to handle and it does not need strict supervision. It works either if you are a professional chef as you will be able to let others take control over your meals, and still have a quality dish on your table.

Or, if you are just an amateur you will provide your family with a world-class meal while actively interacting with them. I would say the most attractive feature is the programmable meat probes, that way you could have the food at the point you want.

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