What is a Pellet Grill

The Pellet Grill is the lasted upgrade of grill fueled by pellets. Therefore it is the greatest friend you could have if you are looking to smoke meat. It basically works by burning the pellets which are loaded into a hopper and slowly feed into a firebox.

The process is controlled by a thermostat which can be easily controlled by the cooker. It is easy to confuse this grill with a wood smoker, as both of them use the convection as a cooking method. Nonetheless, the pellet is what set them apart. The pellets are small capsules made of sawdust, which at the same time are the ones that give the typical flavor to the meals.

how pellet grill work


Before the creation of this grill, people had already invented some pellet stoves. They worked similarly to the pellet grills we know nowadays, but with the appearance of a stove. The oil crisis in the 70s was the main trigger for companies and families to look for an alternative heat source.

The original one was invented over 30 years ago by Traeger in Oregon, US and it has continuously evolved until the models we know now. Some of them even have an option to control the fire of your grill with your phone. This way you could be able to have the desired quantity of smoke and the perfect meat term. This grill could be defined as the friendliest artifact in the smoking meat industry, as it facilitates the work while maintaining the quality of the meat and its flavor.

How Does Pellet Grill Work


Their components are made of extremely good quality and they are assembled in the best way possible to have a perfect final product. The grill is composed by:

  • Hardwood pellets, which is the principal fuel of the grill
  • A controller to regulate the temperature, also known as the thermostat.
  • An induction fan to stoke the fire and slowly smoke the food.
  • An auger to carry pellets to the firepot.
  • A hot rod to ignite the pellets.
  • A heat and smoke barrel to help the circulation of air through the grill.

A drip tray to keep the grease far away from the fire. Due to this, it is guaranteed the proper cook of the plate you selected.


With the pellet grill, you will be able to roast, braise, grill, smoke, bake, and BBQ food only using this item. Therefore you should be able to cook a wood-fired pizza, to smoke some ribs, to braise some turkey or even to bake whatever you want. You will be able to have world-class food in the back of your house without a problem.

how pellet smoker grill work


Even though it is a great way to cook your food, there a few inconveniences with this type of grill, as they are electrical they will always need electricity and it will limit its use outdoors.


Other types of grills such as the gas-fueled or charcoal are also in the debate of which one is the best to prepare your barbecues. The first one normally uses propane or natural gas as their fuel. They are the most common to find in restaurants in order to feed hundreds of people per night.

The obviously required the manual change of the gas tank and they also have regulator valves. One of the biggest complaints against this type of grill is their inability to get a true smoky flavor due to the difficulty to maintain the grill at a low temperature for a long period of time.

The charcoal grills, as the name says, use charcoal briquettes or natural ones as their fuel source. The process requires the burning of the charcoal, and then you have to wait until they turn into embers radiating heat to cook your food. Among these grills, you can find several types: brazier, square charcoal, hibachi, kettle, cart, barrel, ceramic cooker, tandoor oven, and of course the pellet grill.

Pellet grill

What does it offer this grill in comparison to others?

First, the versatility, as you can cook almost anything you want and any way you want to cook it. Second, the simplicity of its use, as you can even control the grill from your phone and specifically select the way you want your meal to be cooked. Finally, the taste and consistency that gives such a powerful grill are only compared to the secret techniques of professional chefs.

Whether you are an amateur barbecue cooker or a seasoned top smoker this option will be perfect for you. If you are a beginner it is a simple and easy grill to use, as you will only have to set it and then wait patiently for your meat to be perfectly done. While if you a more experienced cooker, you will be able to explore to secrets of the smoking food world.

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